Condom Monologues
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I left the physician’s office with a new perspective on life. Previously, I always felt empowered and in control of my life. This moment changed that- I realized that as a woman in a patriarchal society, I’m not in control. Not even when it pertains to my reproductive health.

Have medical professionals, sex educators, experts ever limited your access to birth control like this author’s experience? Read full story  by Takeallah Russel, the founder of The Burning Bra and The Erotica Cafe.

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    I’ve had two of the most awesome male gynecologists for the past 10 years (two only because I changed health insurance...
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    ANd people wonder why I flat out REFUSE to be seen by any male doctor ever.
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    I once had a homophobic OBGYN. :/ great to know that the lady who put her fingers up my vagina didn’t approve of ladies...
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    I had the same situation. I was engaged and my fiancee at the time and I went to a doctor who was in the same practice...
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    wow i went to planned parenthood @ age 20, never had a baby, and they gave it to me. some doctors are so fucking shitty.